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Engage with people that talk to your brand


Swordfish is a social listening tool that was created by Saatchi & Saatchi Synergize  social department. This tool feeds live from Radiant 6 and focuses on consumer engagement online.

Swordfish was created as web analytics software only tells half the story. It’s an in-house developed Social Listening tool that answers the following questions:

How do customers: Feel about my brand? When are they talking about me? How do I fair against my competitors? Who are my brands’ advocates and detractors? What was the reach of my campaign?

By crawling the web for conversations about you, your competitor and the industry at large, Swordfish is able to report on a number of consumer metrics, allowing you to monitor and understand your brand’s perception. What makes this tool great is that its EASY to use! Most ORM tools are complex and difficult to use.

Also, this tool is intended for the client end usage. Clients will find this tool useful and engaging & self explanatory.


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