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Reach Customers, Gain Leads, and Build a Business

I have seen 100′s of SME businesses and start-ups establish themselves because at some stage they took search seriously.  Having been involved in search marketing for many years, I find myself rediscovering the passion I have for this digital medium. I have established various digital departments within Saatchi & Saatchi Synergize, but it’s search marketing that …


Embrace Data or Become Obsolete

“Being fast, agile and creating online content that’s affordable, yet still engaging, is the challenge all agencies face. Some clients are shifting budgets in-house, thus cutting costs in the attempt to pursue affordability and control. However, the key lies in the amplification of content. This is often where clients fall short. Agency “war rooms” now …


Engage with people that talk to your brand

Swordfish is a social listening tool that was created by Saatchi & Saatchi Synergize  social department. This tool feeds live from Radiant 6 and focuses on consumer engagement online. Swordfish was created as web analytics software only tells half the story. It’s an in-house developed Social Listening tool that answers the following questions: How do customers: Feel about …


How to live the agency dream?

Living the agency dream is simple: first you need a skill that an agency needs, and in most cases it’s often the skill of negotiation and incredible people skills – that is the easiest route in. Going the route of a creative, or data/search/media can be challenging and there is lots to learn. Which is …